Kyushi Shihan

Ali Akbar
Mohammadi Bagha

7th Dan with the title of Kyushi
2011 Asian Karate Championships

One of the pioneers of karate in Iran


Kyushi Shihan Ali Akbar Mohammadi Bagha

Kyushi Shihan Ali Akbar Mohammadi Bagha was born in Tehran, 1953. He was very interested in sports from a young age. At 14 he joined the Alborz club and started practicing wrestling. Two years later, he became a member of the wrestling team of his high school and ranked first in the provincial competitions.

He started karate in 1970 in the Faragiri club under Sensi Mashinchian and achieved a green belt. 3 years later, he joined Farhad Varasteh’s Karate Academy—the founder of karate in Iran. He started with a white belt again in the Kanzen Ryu karate.

He showed great effort and interest in karate and published a tutorial with his Sensi, Farhad Varasteh in the youth magazine to promote karate in Iran, at a young age.


In 1992, acting as Iran National Karate Team Coach in World Karate Championships (Granada, Spain)

In 1998, acting as Iran National Karate Team Coach in Karate Championships (Bulgaria)

In 2000, acting as Iran National Karate Team Coach in World Karate Championships (Munich, Germany)

In 2008, acting as Iran National Karate Team Coach in World Karate Championships (Tokyo, Japan)

In 2010, acting as Iran National Karate Team Coach in World Karate Championships (Belgrade, Serbia)



Acting as Iran Gojukai Karate Team Head Coach in:

    • 1993 Tokyo, Japan The 1st IKGA World Championships
    • 1995 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asian Pacific Tournament
    • 1996 India Asian Pacific Tournament
    • 2001 Perth, Australia The 3rd IKGA World Championships
    • 2005 Rotterdam, Netherlands The 4th IKGA World Championships
    • 2007 Hong Kong, Asian Pacific Tournament
    • 2009 Cape Town, South Africa The 5th IKGA World Championships
    •  2011 Bangkok, Thailand, Asian Pacific Tournament
    • 2013 Mumbai, India The 6th IKGA World Championships
    • 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia, Asian Pacific Tournament
    • 2017 Vancouver, Canada The 7th IKGA World Championships
1st IKGA Founder Gogen Yamaguchi Commeorative Master's Seminar held in Japan


Ranked first in the karate academy competitions, as one of the first members

Join the national karate team in 1977, as the European tournaments were taking place in Tehran

Achieved championship in national karate competitions in 1977

Achieved championship in 4th Asia-Pacific Goju-Kai Karatedo Championship 2007

Achieved runner-up rank in 2008 World Karate Championships in Germany

Achieved runner-up rank in 2011 Asian Karate Championships


Kyushi Shihan Ali Akbar Mohammadi Bagha founded Iran’s first karate referee commission in 1985 and was appointed as its president by the Karate Federation. 

After founding this commission he worked hard to train the referees all over the country by holding numerous classes. His efforts lead to higher standards in this domain and initiated the careers of so many now international referees. 

His invitation to Junji Kusano helped this progress and issued the first series of referee certifications.

In 2011, for the first time after the Islamic Revolution, he participated in the 1989 Asian Karate Championships and was the first Iranian as an international referee. I developed the first referee protocol and advanced this domain once again.